Soap stock fatty acids

Fatty acids are obtained from sunflower oil-recyclable soap stock wastes, subjected to ennobling. Fatty acids have a viscous-current state.

Main indicators and characteristics:

  • Flavor Fatty acids flavor
  • Color Dark brown color
  • Acid value mg KOH/g 110-180 +/- 10
  • Iodine value mg/kg, no more than 70-85
  • Fat content, %, not less than 96
  • Mass fraction of FFA,% not less than 54-90 +/- 4
  • Mass fraction of moisture,% no more than 2
  • Mass fraction of non fatty impurities,% no more than 1
  • Sulfur content, ppm, not more than 100
  • Titre, gr.C 12-18

Soap stock fatty acids are used in soap making, the production of drilling reagents. It is commonly known as a feed additive for livestock. Such acids are raw materials for the biofuels production. Also, these acids are used to create paintwork materials. These acids are relevant in the rubber and metallurgical industry.

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