Sunflower oil

maslo podsolnechnoe nerafinirovannoe
  • Origin: Sunflower
  • Brand: Unrefined
  • Type: Pressed and Unpacked
  • Class I
  • Smell and taste is common for sunflower oil, free of any foreign odors and flavors
  • Transparency: slight turbidity is allowed above the sediment
  • Acid value, mg KOH/g - 1.4
  • Peroxide value, 1/2 O mol/kg - 7.0
  • Iodine value mg J - 20
  • Mass fraction of non fatty impurities, % - 0,08
  • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, % - 0,08
  • Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing materials, expressed in terms of stearo-oleo-lecithin, % - 0,60

The oil obtained from sunflower seeds is the most important vegetable oil for people. This oil has a great national economic significance. It should be noted that most often sunflower oil is produced in bulk, according to the production structure. These data are compared to peanut, olive, corn, safflower and other oils.

The bulk sunflower oil purchased by fat-and-oil industry. In such companies, oil is used as a raw material for subsequent processing. Modern production needs a large amount of unrefined oil, which explains the high demand for bulk oil, which is relatively cheaper. At the same time, the consumption of this type of product is constantly increasing. Our partners today are many companies that are interested in high-quality product at an affordable price. We are always ready to consider various advantageous conditions of co-operation with customers.

The bulk sunflower oil has the following advantages:

  • low price;
  • small delivery costs;
  • no packaging costs, which significantly reduces the product price;
  • oil can be stored in its own containers of various sizes;
  • prompt delivery.

Our company is ready to organize the delivery of unrefined I class sunflower oil to any region of Russia. We are also ready to export our products.

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