Sintez-Oil LLC innovative activity includes an extensive new products and production technologies development programs, as well as the introduction and improvement of the quality management system, and the automation of business processes. We take care of the environment, trying to minimize the waste of our production and using resource-saving technologies all over the place.

In order to improve production technologies and increase a products quality, we implement an extensive program of scientific research and technological development. The main objective of the program is to obtain new knowledge and introduce innovations in production.

New fast-growing factory Sintez-Oil LLC produces and sells:

  • feed additives based on natural omega-3, omega-6, linoleic and linolenic acids;
  • fatty acids from soap stocks and products based on them, natural linoleic fatty acids, lecithin.

The offered products pass through strict quality control in our laboratory, which is confirmed by the relevant documentation.

The uniqueness of the production project "Sintez-oil" since yesterday confirmed by the international certificate ISCC-EU. The certification Commission, based in Berlin, confirmed that by processing plant waste from other industries, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the ozone layer. Thus, we reduce the load on the environment from the work of industrial enterprises. To get this quality mark, our team worked for several years. This was made possible thanks to the assistance of the government of the Voronezh region, the regional Department of industry and transport and personally its head Alexander Desyatirikov.

Today, the issue of nature conservation through the introduction of waste-free production is acute all over the world. In Tsentral’no-chernozemnyy region, we are the only processor of vegetable raw materials with such certification. Thus, the company "Sintez-oil" has strengthened its position in the international market. The ISCC-EU certificate will allow us to cooperate freely with any European companies, including in the export of raw materials for biofuels - an alternative, environmentally friendly and renewable energy source.


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