Distilled fatty acids

Distilled fatty acids are obtained from vegetable oil soap stocks and other fatty waste, subjected to ennobling and have a viscous-current state of transparent from light brown to brown. Distillate appearance: transparent, an oily, uniform liquid with heating from a dark yellow to a dark brown color, with a specific odor. At temperatures below 15-16 degrees Celsius begins to freeze, but when reheated, it becomes fluid again.

The main technical characteristics of distilled fatty acids are:

  • Acid value mg KOH/g — from 123 to 170
  • total fat content,% - from 95
  • unsaponifiable substances content, including waxes,% - not more than 15
  • titre - 17-19 degrees Celsius

Color is critical only for polyester varnishes manufacturers, for them - no more than 60 on an iodine scale.

They are used for the production of household soaps, solid oils, cutting fluids, non-food surfactants for technical products, as well as in petrochemical, oil refining, light, paint and chemical industries.

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