Welcome to the website of the Sintez-Oil LLC!

Sintez-Oil LLC produces and offers fatty acids of vegetable oils, distilled fatty acids and other oleochemical products at affordable prices.

Our production complex is situated in Voronezh region, Russia. New advanced equipment is used during production. We have ongoing research studies, increasing the quality and diversity of products, which you can order and buy. All products pass through quality control and compliance test with modern requirements for the composition.

Sintez-Oil LLC successfully trades, develops and improves equipment to increase production efficiency. We are always open for new partnerships.

intez-Oil LLC offers various types of products:

  • fatty acids of vegetable oils from soap stocks and products based on them;
  • natural linoleic fatty acids;
  • feed additives based on natural omega-3, omega-6, linoleic and linolenic acids;
  • sunflower oil;
  • lecithin.

We would be very happy to establish a partnership with you. We guarantee that you will get high-quality products and reliable cooperation with domestic producer.